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You have better things to do with your time and RMS is here to help. First we visit your home to determine your specific needs.

Together, we can determine how best to meet your needs and expectations. We do it your way and offer a variety of cleaning packages.

No two households are exactly the same even if identical in size and layout. Our house cleaning staff is screened, professionally trained, covered by workers compensation insurance. Our company is locally owned and operated, bonded and insured.

We will spend the necessary time and effort on our first cleaning visit to get rid of all the old dirt, dust and grime that may have been accumulating for a long time. Think of it as a spring cleaning.

We work in teams and use efficient cleaning methods. Our cleaners can your home each week, every other week or on an “as needed” basis. We don’t get in the way of your activities or inconvenience you in any way. We meet you, provide you with our checklist, responsibly clean and when finished check the list to ensure your complete satisfaction. Here are some reasons to choose the RMS service:

  • We have responsible, bonded, insured and supervised personnel.
  • We bring our own equipment and cleaning supplies.
  • We use professional cleaning tools, equipment, materials and cleaning supplies
  • We are flexible with scheduling per your needs.
  • We clean without interruptions and don’t get in your way.
  • We will work with you to develop a schedule to suit your individual needs.
  • Weekly cleaning – Biweekly cleaning – Monthly cleaning – Any Time You Need Us.
  • We guarantee our service or your money will be refunded.

You actually get to stop having to buy all that stuff that takes up space under the sink, laundry room, and garage or wherever you store your cleaning supplies. We are a company where our word and quality control are law. So if there is any concern we are eager to respond and work with you to solve it.

If you’re not 100% satisfied simply call us by 11 a.m. the next morning and we’ll correct any deficiency at no charge!


We Will Make Your World Easy And Add A Rainbow Over Your Home or Business.


You can contact us at:

(818) 800-2356

Email : info@rainbowmaidservice.net



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