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“I can’t even put into words how relieved I am to come home to a sparkling clean apartment that I don’t have to stress about cleaning up! The 2 women who came today did such a great job. My place feels like home again! I am grateful they were available last minute as well. They communicated with  me when they were done and where my keys were left. Awesome job, I will be calling again.”


“I reached out to over 15 services yesterday and Rainbow not only responded quickly, but they were able to get Isabella and Judy here bright and early today at 8:30am on the dot. I’ve been away a while for work and didn’t have the energy to clean on my only weekend home before the craziness of the holidays. They did a fantastic job and the details were adorable (they fanned out every napkin and towel). They even cleaned the railing on my balcony, which tends to get missed by other cleaners. Very sweet ladies, very quiet, my boyfriend and I were resting in our room for a solid 2 hours. I will definitely be calling again the next time I need help around the house! Thank you!”

“Great service! I called and a real person, not a machine answered my call. They managed to get a team together within a few hours and my place got the cleaning it needed.
Highly recommended them. The two women they sent were very professional and pleasant.
Being my first time, I only did the minimum of 2 hours. A lot or a little can be done in 2 hours, it all depends on the detail needed. Today my bathroom and kitchen/stove were done. They also vacuumed the living room. Next time they can concentrate on the other rooms.
I will differently hire them again to clean my place!”

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