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RMS Residential Services

RMS focuses on deep cleaning services for your home or apartment. What is deep cleaning? Deep cleaning is just what it sounds like:

A cleaning service that has quality control specifications that leaves no space uncleaned, that uses check lists to ensure each area meets our standards. We deep clean bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, storage rooms and every other space imaginable. RMS is the leader in residential cleaning services in the south lands.

Whether you require weekly, bi-weekly or monthly house cleaning services our certified maids come with the highest professionalism in the industry and pay extremely close attention to detail. That is the reason RMS has had such success and has a high bench mark for return customers. Other house cleaning companies in the Los Angeles area perform a rotational cleaning system, meaning different portions of your house get cleaned on each visit. At RMS we clean deep every time!

Every one of our maids performs the same Rainbow-50 Care System on every appointment, ensuring that you get the maximum service every visit.

Your search for the finest level of quality professional residential cleaning ends with RMS.

Simply put, we provide you with nothing but the best quality house cleaning services and home cleaning services available.


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