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Every home is as unique as the people that live there. That is why the first step is to schedule a free in home estimate. During the estimate we will explain our different cleaning packages and answer any questions you have about our services. We offer three different cleaning options and with this we can customize our services to meet your needs and budget. You then simply need to match the service package and frequency of service that is best suited for you.  RMS cleaning options are as follows:

  • Our Limited Cleaning Package

This package includes cleaning of only the kitchen and bathrooms. Many of our customers have told us that these rooms are the most difficult to clean and also can require special products and tools to do a thorough job. With RMS’s budget friendly Limited Cleaning Package this most difficult cleaning is taken care of for you. This package requires that we have access to your home with a flexible arrival time on your service day.

  • Our Choice Cleaning Package

This package normally includes the cleaning of the following rooms: Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Bathroom, Main Living Room or Family Room, and Dining Room. This works well for those who do not use the other bedrooms and bathrooms in the home. By excluding unused or limited use rooms our cleaning time is reduced and allows for a more budget friendly price. We can also modify this package to include or exclude areas and rooms in a way that fits your lifestyle. This package requires that we have access to your home with a flexible arrival time on your service day.

  • Our Classic Cleaning Package

This package is the traditional package that includes all rooms in the home including offices, spare bedrooms and bathrooms, laundry room, den, etc. This option is best for families with both children and pets where the entire house is used regularly.

  • Vacant Homes and One Time Cleaning

Please call our office and we will assist you with pricing and scheduling for any one time cleaning need. This includes move-in/move-out, special occassions or other special one time cleaning needs.

  • Frequency Options

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly. You choose the frequency along with the cleaning package that is best for you and your wallet. We will do our best to accommodate all of your special requests, including the inside of your oven and refrigerator, your windows, and patio furniture. We’ll even clean pet areas and pet dishes!


To request a quote call us at RMS @ (818) 800-2356

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